Encouraging Creative and Limitless Thinking

Whether in the classroom, after school or during school holidays, Mind Mash brings STEM alive for school-aged children, with modern, fun and energetic programs primarily using Lego robotics.

Broadening the Mind

With the right mentor and program we’re confident students can achieve way beyond what is expected for their school year level. No longer are children limited to being ‘a Year 3 student’ but suddenly they are allowed to be unlimited in their thinking.

The best bit is children find Lego fun and don’t even realise they’re learning.

Where Failing Is Fun

Imagine when your robot takes off down the table and half of it falls off. It’s funny!

In order to achieve, children need to fail and fail regularly and always in a safe environment. Mind Mash is all about students making mistakes and finding solutions.

With an adult as a facilitator and coach, students’ failures impart

  • team building
  • experimentation
  • problem solving as a group/individual
  • time management
  • conflict resolution
  • strengthened communication skills.

It’s up to the students to make mistakes and errors, through which they learn and have heaps of fun.

The Facilitator

Peter Atkinson is a qualified secondary teacher (BEd Education – Maths and Computing) who has been in the computer industry for 20 years. Working with top-end technology, Peter’s passion integrates the latest in coding, engineering and innovation into STEM subjects in the curriculum.

Peter’s savvy awareness brings cutting-edge knowledge to the table in a relatable way. Father of two, Peter loves teaching children and opening up their minds to the possibilities of what they can do, in small group environments.

Behind Lego

When Kids Don’t Know They’re Learning

Help! My robot needs to deliver some explosives to the mining engineer! How many revolutions do my robot’s wheels need to turn to get to the engineer and not over the cliff? This is just one of the many challenges the students could face during a Mind Mash program. Through this fun activity what they are actually being introduced to – in an applied way – is the mathematical concept of p (pi).

Peter Atkinson, Mentor

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