When Kids Don’t Know They’re Learning

Help! My robot needs to deliver some explosives to the mining engineer! How many revolutions do my robot’s wheels need to turn to get to the engineer and not over the cliff? This is just one of the many challenges the students could face during a Mind Mash program. Through this fun activity what they are actually being introduced to – in an applied way – is the mathematical concept of p (pi).

Bringing STEM to Life

Mind Mash facilitates maths theories such as Pythagoras and algebra and makes them realistic for children. They in turn gain an understanding (for example, x and y and a variable called distance) and use it, without realising it’s actually algebra.

Suddenly maths has meaning! It’s very powerful to witness children exploring possibilities without even knowing what those are.

To build a strong robot, students discover engineering concepts like triangulation, cross bracing and shielding. The students approach their robots using scientific methods of building, testing, changing a variable and re-testing. Technology overarches the entire program where students learn coding and using technology to research the appropriate tool for the right task.

Often complex STEM concepts are mentioned in passing. Then when children encounter it in school, they are more confident as they’ve used it before. What can traditionally be mind-boggling abstracts now have a very real framework, giving children great confidence in their education.

Learning with Lego

Students learn differently with Lego.

Lego bricks:

open children’s minds to endless possibilities

boost motivation and engagement

encourage collaboration and communication

facilitate critical and creative thinking

make the abstract concrete

lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Not Just for Boys

Girls are welcomed and encouraged to get on board with Mind Mash. Girls have as many good ideas and smarts as anyone else has but what they sometimes lack is confidence that their ideas are worthwhile. Mind Mash is a fun program in which girls can get involved and increase their confidence.