Most parents agree that school holidays can be a challenge for this age group: the kids are in a twilight zone of not wanting to be home alone for an entire day but don’t want to go to traditional vacation care programs either. This is a unique, fun and stimulating solution for children and their parents.

New challenges are set for each workshop, such as battling Sumo bots, running a maze or laying siege and storming a castle. Children love it and parents are happy knowing their child is engaged in a positive learning experience.

We’re delighted to be hosting a series of three workshops in the July School holidays that are sure to capture the imagination of many 8-12 year olds. ¬†At this stage all our workshops are held at Poseidon Primary School, 97 Poseidon Road, Heathridge.

Each workshop will commence at 8am and conclude at 5pm.

By brining your own laptop use coupon code BYO Laptop at checkout and receive a $10 discount on the workshop price.

Have a look at our three workshops below

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